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Los Angeles Tamil Sangam (LATS)
Constitution and Bylaws

Established and Updated in Year 2019

A)  Constitution

Article I - Name

          The name of the organization shall be "LOS ANGELES TAMIL SANGAM", or "LOS ANGELES TAMIL SOCIETY", hereinafter referred as LATS or Association.


Article II - Principles

Section - 1


a)  LATS shall be primarily a cultural, social, educational and charitable organization. This association shall encourage and facilitate interested people, those with Tamil speaking ancestry and those interested to learn and understand Tamil language and culture.

b)  LATS shall provide Tamil language, cultural, and charitable community support to those interested.

B)  Bylaws of LATS


Article X - Membership and Membership Fee

Section - 1


a)  The Association shall have the following classes of membership: Annual-membership, and Life-membership and is non-transferable.


b)  Both Annual and Lifetime memberships can be either for an individual or family.


c)  All members shall be eligible for voting and whoever wants to exercise their vote must be a member of the Association at least 10 days prior to the date of the election and the membership must be active on the day of the election.

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