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Rose Float Decoration

Downey Rose Float Association

13030 Erickson Dr, Downey, CA 90241


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Volunteers from LATS family members, particularly our enthusiastic young children participated in Downey Rose Float Decoration. Members helped to create artwork and decorate the Rose Float, and helped with preparatory tasks for the parade. It was a fun-filled day-long event.

The president of the Downey Rose Float Association, Mr. Jeremy Clifton, and many of the executive board and leadership team members were appreciated our enthusiastic participation.

All kids received a certificate of appreciation from LATS. Additionally middle and high-schoolers got their community service hours certified by the Downey Rose Float Association.

Thanks to the 2019 Management Executive Committee for organizing this community event. Great effort!

View selected pictures of the event  below

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