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Balamurugan Arumugam

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At a younger age in my village and nearby town, I grew up listening to many Tamil speeches by Tamil scholars and politicians that are related to individual and social values, moral stories, etc where the speaker constantly referenced classical Tamil literature. This left me in awe of how our forefathers two thousand years ago have lived with such principles. Similarly, I was able to notice certain life principles expressed by the village justice group. I was amazed by those social and moral principles and the evidence/stories spreading across our Tamil literature. Migrating to the United States and looking back on our Tamil literature is mind-blowing! This, I believe, is the richness of our history.

I would love to keep our good values alive and spread those to our fellow members, our successive generations, and to the community where we live. For that, with our fellow friends, we have initiated and formed the Los Angeles Tamil Sangam. As one of the founding members of this society, I have no doubt that, by joining together, we can do better for our community.

Let's meet, greet, cherish, and have fun!

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